Functional Workout

Would you like a 30-minute, crisp and optimally structured session that will give you a vital and invigorated start to the day?

Our "Functional Workout" gives you the opportunity to do just that: You train movements that involve several joints at the same time and thus functionally stress entire muscle chains. We mainly use our own body weight in the training and repeat movement sequences at intervals that promote and challenge the body's strength, strength endurance, stability and mobility. As there are various options to choose from for the individual exercises, the level of difficulty can be individually adapted so that the "Functional Workout" is suitable for everyone.

You can book the "Functional Workout" with your existing subscription or with the new Functional subscription (coming soon).

  • Wednesday & Fridays, 8.00-8.30 a.m. with Timur (ONLINE LIVE, starts on September, 8, 2021)


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