Pre- & Postnatal Trainer

Would you like to accompany women on their way during and after their pregnancy with specific training? On a path that is not only unique, but also on which the body - pelvic floor, muscles, tissues and ligaments - and mind are stressed? Then you are exactly right with us. Let Bea Eggimann, who - herself a young mother - have dealt intensively with this topic over the past 15 years, train you to be a pre- and postnatal trainer.

Deepen your knowledge of the pelvic floor, the supporting core of the human body, and learn specific exercises that give it more strength and elasticity. Find out more about the pregnancy-related physical, hormonal and emotional changes in the female body during this time and learn how you can build up and design a coherent pregnancy and regression training - including, among other things, targeted relaxation and breathing exercises.

You can find detailed information as well as training dates and prices attached.