Fascial Pilates

This class combines the seven Pilates Bodymotion principles, the five fascia fitness principles and Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains lines. Recognized Pilates exercises are drawn from and repackaged specifically for fascial training. Springy see-saw and swinging moves alternate with both expansive and micro movements. The tissue’s ground substance is rejuvenated and adhesions and stiffness dissolve with deep "massaging" of fascial structures.
Each session has a different focus; hydrating the ground substance or perhaps focusing on the preparatory counter movements that can be rediscovered in swings. After a few weeks of training, the result is elastic, supple and simultaneously strong connective tissue that withstands challenging – everyday - movements.

Four principles were developed for fascial training. Pilates Bodymotion has given the "Ninja Principle" its own meaning:

1. Preparatory Countermovement
2. Ninja Principle
3. Dynamic Stretching: Fast and Slow
4. Hydrating the Ground Substance
5. Proprioceptive Refinement

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