Pilates Personal Training

Personal training at pilates°bern is tailored to your individual needs. Working either on the mat or on studio apparatuses, including the Allegro, Barrel, Chair and Cadillac, we will guide you directly to your ideal results. Thanks to your training, you will be more flexible and stronger, and we will correct common postural misalignments and muscular disbalances, thus improving your wellbeing.

Our regular group courses can be booked as an intensive personal training option. Choose from Mat Training, Allegro Training, Sport Specific Men’s Allegro, Pilates for the Neck and Back, Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates, Best Age, Pilates & TRX, Pilates Meets Yoga, MOTR – More than a Roller.

You may also choose to have private “duet” session, with two people, or book a private introductory session for mat, allegro and pre-natal training.

Contact us for more information and to register.