Fascia Pilates

In this training the 7 Pilates (Bodymotion) principles are combined with the 5 fascia principles and the Anatomy Trains lines by Thomas Myers. Well-known Pilates exercises are fascial inspired and repackaged. Springy seesaws and swings alternate with large, expansive or even the smallest micro-movements. The basic substance in the tissue is given a fresh shower, because the deep "massaging" of the fascia structure can loosen adhesions.
Each fascia training has a different focus; At one point the hydration of the basic substance is in the foreground, at another time it is the preparatory counter-movements that are reflected in body swings. The result after a few weeks of training is a very elastic, supple and at the same time strong connective tissue, which with its resilience can withstand even challenging (everyday) movements.


Originally, four principles developed from fascia training. Pilates Bodymotion has added an additional principle with the “ninja principle”.

1. Preparatory countermovement
2. Ninja principle
3. Dynamic stretching, fast and slow
4. Hydration of the basic substance
5. Proprioceptive refinement


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