Pilates Best Age

Unfortunately, it is a fact that flexibility, muscle tension and strength, but also the ability to perform and concentrate, decrease with age. This cannot be prevented; regular Pilates training can counteract this fact.

Pilates is a holistic training method in which you can specifically strengthen both large and small muscles and especially the deep core muscles with precise, controlled, slow and gentle movements, with concentration and consciously guided breathing. Postural weaknesses and coordination are improved, body and mind are brought into balance and general well-being increases. Pilates training makes your spine more flexible and you can relieve any tension in your neck or back pain.

During the training you will also receive tips on how you can easily incorporate Pilates exercises into your everyday life. All you need are comfortable clothing and a pinch of curiosity - we train with or without aids and small devices.

For an optimal start, we recommend our introductory workshops (in German).


You can also enjoy our PILATES BEST AGE when, where and as often as you want - with the PILATES GENTLE bundle for CHF 35 on our ON DEMAND platform.

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