Yin Pilates / Relax Pilates

At once gentle and relaxed and also a fascinating training to give your body and mind exactly what they need and treat yourself to wellness.

  • Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m. (ONLINE LIVE)

In Yin Pilates we incorporate exercises from Yoga. We hold the positions for several minutes to allow ourselves to sink in deeply, while calming the mind and allowing the fascial system to soften and stretch.

Pilates Relax combines gentle Pilates techniques with calming Yin exercises. We coordinate breath with movement in this gentle but precise flow.

We regularly incorporate breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as visualization and led meditations in our Yin Pilates / Pilates Relax trainings.

You can also enjoy our YIN PILATES / PILATES RELAX where, when and as often as you like with out YIN/RELAX-Bundle for CHF 35 available of our ON DEMAND Platform.

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